How to Successfully Coach Sales Reps

I love coaching sales reps.  It’s ironic considering I didn’t think I could even sell when I first started in this business at 22 years old.  I also didn’t think I could, or would, ever coach others in the industry. You see, I have no formal sales training and no formal industry training.  I had to learn by trial and error, making a ton of mistakes along the way and learning from my own experiences. So along the way I created a top notch process for sales coaching which I have highlighted below:

Continuous Learning is Important - I used to think that to be a coach you had to know everything and have all the answers for the sales rep you are coaching.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I do know what I am doing, due to a ton of first-hand experience, however, I am always learning as well.  I learn from my current clients and my current licensees that I coach.  I add to my “coaching arsenal” every single day, making me a better coach to those I work with.  Be they licensees I coach on sales growth or those I coach on how to be a coach.

Keeping up with Product Lines and Best Sales Practices is Essential - I am a front line guy.  I have my own clients.  That means I have to keep up with the products.  I have to know how to sell effectively, utilizing best sales practices and “tricks” to open doors to new client opportunities.  Being able to close deals and sell volume profitably are a must.

Practicing what you preach is Crucial - I practice what I preach, every single day. It keeps my coaching process fluid, evolving and improving as I learn more from my own client base.  And from my team members’ clients that I help them coach. People learn more from your actions than from what you say, especially if there are big discrepancies between the two.

Do you think my approach to coaching could help you grow your sales?  

Do you think you could learn the process and become a coach yourself?  

If the answer is yes, I have just shown you two ways to generate income for yourself in this business – on your own sales (you already know this) and on other people’s sales (you may know this but do you know HOW to do this).  This IS the Swag Coach™ model we have built over the past 3 years. We work it every day to support our lifestyles and families.

Not your typical industry - I have to say, this is an interesting industry to work in.  Most people who work with a coach don’t want the coach to be out there selling for fear the coach will steal their accounts.  So they end up being coached by a person who doesn’t have real time industry sales experience.  In fact, most reps in our industry avoid collaboration due to their fear of someone stealing their accounts. 

Collaboration can be a good thing - By working with a coach that has their own clients, you are learning from a pro.  What you will learn will help you grow your client base and sales.  If you are good at what you do and have been in this business for 5+ years (or maybe less), you probably have more client accounts than you can handle yourself.  I do.  I can’t service them the way I know how to and I can’t grow them.  By thinking about this business in a collaborative way, I have not only doubled my overall business, but have created a residual income stream that will continue to grow over time.  That’s my retirement plan.  What’s yours?

Do you know how many clients I have stolen from the reps I coach?  ZERO

Do you know how many clients I have handed off to these same reps I coach?  100’s

Speaking of collaboration and sharing, check out my blog post in two weeks for my personal and most current, best coaching practices. I hope you find them as effective as I have in growing sales.

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