The Swag Coach™ Rookie Program

Are You a Mompreneur? Military Vet?  Baby Boomer?  Looking for a New or Second Career?   

Well look no further!  Designed by a 20 year industry veteran and entrepreneur who started his own business at 22 yrs old, our Rookie program teaches and gives you everything you need to start, launch and grow your own promotional products company.  Here’s how we do it:

We help you along by handing off some client accounts and leads to get you rolling.

We Get You and Your Business Up within 30 Days with:

  • Training — we put you through our 11 Module Training curriculum developed by Harvard Business School graduate. We teach you everything from what you can sell to how to sell. In a way that fits your personality and and works for you. You will be better trained than the majority of your competition and have best-in-class coaches and tools supporting your business and insuring your success.

  • Technology — we provide you with your own eCommerce Website and Portal where your clients can order online, or you can place orders on your client’s behalf.

  • Coaching — we continue to hold your hand as you start, and help you grow your business by sharing best practices for opening and closing doors. We sit on the same side of the fence as you and our goal is to help you sell volume, profitably.

  • Exclusive Access to Our Private FaceBook Group — we know how lonely it can be as a startup entrepreneur.  We have all been through it and we support one another, share best sales and business practices, and connect as a community via our private FaceBook page where we answer group coaching questions, share success stories and resources, and help you enjoy the experience of launching your very own swag business, and feel supported, from Day 1.   

We Continue to Help You Grow and Be Successful by Providing:

  • Coaching — we provide weekly and bi-monthly one-on-one coaching calls to keep you stay on track with your business goals, and help you with best practices for selling and servicing your clients. We also host monthly group coaching calls so you can collaborate with your fellow Swag Coach teammates and learn more tips and tricks, successes and lessons learned from one another.

  • Weekly FaceBook Live Coaching Calls — every week we come together as a community and we answer those pressing questions and needs to help you grow your business faster, and have more fun doing it. This is exclusive access available only to Swag Coach members.

  • Sales Contests — we set up and run year round sales contests for our members to help create some “friendly competition” while using the contests to teach and emphasize best sales practices.  Not to mention there are tens of thousands of additional dollars and prizes to be had from winning.

  • Free Samples and Specs — we are in the product business so you will need samples of products as a part of your arsenal. We provide these, along with a sales kit made up of the top selling products, from our top suppliers, for you to utilize for your clients and prospects.

  • Organizational Systems — we provide tools and systems for you to set up, then run your business. While we outsource the order processing and accounting pieces, there are still organization systems we put in place for you to help you stay organized and focused. Sales tools, filing tools and much more.

  • Negotiation — we negotiate pricing with our factories to help you get more margin on your sales. We sit on the same side of the fence, meaning we all get paid based on the profitability of your sales. We help increase this profitability and put more money in your product.   

  • Competitive Advantage  — we provide a back office support system so you only have to focus on the client relationship building and deal closing side of this business. Once an order is placed by your client your job is done. This frees you up to spend more time taking care of your relationships, asking for referrals and doing the best practices we will teach you so you can sell more volume, and have more fun! Additionally, we provide a network of 350+ preferred suppliers which gives you better pricing than the majority of your competition.

  • Community — we want you to know each other and collaborate. We organize virtual and in person meet ups at industry trade shows, and provide continuing education sessions with our team so we can all continue to learn and grow. We also provide additional resources to our members including monthly newsletters, proposals reference library and much more. You may be an independent business owner with us but you are by no means alone. And we have fun together!   

                                                   Here is the link to our online training syllabus:                                        

Fees - $297/mo

Our program fees include all training, on going coaching and administrative support.  We deliver a complete "done for you" package, with a dedicated coach, to get you trained up, get your business set up, and get you making money from Sale #1.