Welcome to the Swag Coach™ Program

A New Approach to doing business in the $20B+ Promotional Products Industry

We are an elite network of well-trained professionals who all own our own promotional products businesses, but with a twist... we make money on our own sales + on those in our network that we train & coach.  And we collaborate and support one another.

Our business model is pretty straightforward ... focus on the fun parts (the money making and people supporting activities) and hand off the rest (the administrative tasks, accounting and technology pieces) to best-in-class partners.  

We are the Industry’s Largest Front Line Coaching program  — sales training and coaching from front line sales pros who are still out there selling and competing everyday.

A Few of Our Successes to date include:

  • Over $1M of leads handed off have converted to real sales
  • Over 1000 warm leads handed off (identified swag buyers)
  • Over $500K of override commissions (residual income) distributed
  • 18 new companies launched since our inception
  • 250K+ of leads generated online (and growing)
  • 50% average annual year over year sales growth by our member companies
  • 75% of our members have won industry sales awards

The Swag Coach™ Program is a “business in a box” model... on steroids. We have a step-by-step plan (tested, tweaked and proven) to help guide you in launching, and then growing your business.  

Here’s what YOU DON’T NEED:

  • Experience
  • A background in sales or business
  • Knowledge of the promotional products aka swag industry

Here’s what YOU DO NEED:

  • Hustle! 
  • A willingness to work your ass off.
  • A network of family/friends/past work contacts to help you start up

We will coach you and hold your hand through the rest!


Looking to start a second career? Or a new career?  Maybe flexible work hours? Never sold swag? New to sales? No worries... we have got you covered.  


Are you ready to close your promotional products company and lack an exit strategy? We can help you hand the baton to a worthy successor and earn a residual income on your business.


Experienced at selling promotional products? Want to grow your sales faster & more profitably?  Interested in making money on other people's sales?


Don’t know which program is right for you? Give us a call. Let’s talk.