The Swag Coach Hall of Fame Program

What's Your Retirement Plan?

To Sell Forever or Sell Your Accounts?

Have You considered an exit plan for your promotional products business?  Do You want to Sell Your Accounts AND make sure your longstanding client relationships continue to be taken well care of?   Well look no further! Our HALL OF FAME is an exit plan to help you capitalize on your life long work and accomplishments.  And put money in your pocket both now, and into retirement.  Here’s how we do it:

We help you get more money and value for your business today by creating a personalized exit plan for you and your client relationships.

We Buy Your Accounts & Help You Make More Money Now + Money in Retirement

  • Maximizing the Value of Your Accounts with You — our approach is simple . . . we work together to help you maximize the value of your accounts, both short term and while you are retired, putting more $ in your pocket.  

  • Transitioning Your Client Relationships — we provide a dedicated, professionally trained rep (yes a real person) to be your apprentice and help transition your client relationships.  Plus we provide easy to use, technology tools to further help transition your clients, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.   

  • Coaching — we provide you with one on one coaching to help with this transition process.  We understand it's a lifelong effort you have put into building your book of business and it has to work for you personally.  Everyone works differently.  We will share best practices for transitioning, and make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.  

  • Building Residual Income During Retirement — we will help create a transition plan that works for you and your clients.  We will then help you implement it over time so that when you are ready to retirement, you can and you will.  Because you have planned it! 

We Continue to Make Sure Your Client Relationships Are Well Take Care of by providing:

  • Dedicated Pros working with your accounts — we continue to provide best practice coaching to insure your client relationships are handled by the best reps in the business.  

  • Account Growth — we work with the reps that take over your accounts, helping them open doors and closing deals on new opportunities.  All in an effort to grow the client relationship and overall sales.  Growth you directly benefit from as the larger the account, the more residual retirement income you earn.

  • Detailed Sales & Commission Reports — we provide detailed reporting on commission payouts so you know exactly how much retirement commission you have earned.  

  • Automated Commission Payments — we set up and automatically pay you your earned retirement commissions directly to your bank account via direct deposit.   

  • On Going Engagement — want to stay connected in a way that works for your retirement lifestyle?  Great - we do monthly group coaching calls you can participate in.  We also offer mentoring and coaching opportunities for Hall of Famers interested in giving back and participating in our Swag Coach community of reps.  Finally, we have annual meet ups at industry events to which you are invited. 


Contact Us to discuss an exit plan for your promotional products business and accounts.