Don't Be a Hater!

Are you a “hater” when it comes to the Swag Biz? Maybe “hater” is too strong, although that best described my feelings towards the industry a few years back. Can you relate to any of the following things that frustrated me about the swag industry?

Administrative Tasks - I hated being responsible for all of the administrative tasks. They frustrated me, were boring and unproductive and cost me precious time and money.

Future Sales - I hated the constant worry about where my next sale would come from. It got to the point where I wouldn’t vacation or take any time off due to my fears of losing money or my clients going elsewhere. Not a healthy state to be in.

Competition Issues - I hated being anonymous, in an overcrowded industry. Everyone was considered the “same” by the buyer and treated as such.  Being nickeled and dimed over best pricing was a constant hassle. I wasn’t valued for my customer service or creativity.

Outdated Methods - I hated being in an antiquated industry many refer to as “trinkets and trash.” Things are done a “certain way,” even if they are old school. The use of technology really doesn’t come into play and the buyer perception of swag sales reps is often one step above a used car salesperson.

Blending In - Lastly, I hated being just like everyone else, at least in my mind. Being told I had to play the game a specific way just didn’t work for me.

There had to be a better way. You see, I consider myself an entrepreneur and business junkie first.  A creator and innovator, always looking to approach things in a different way and make them my own.  I was different from everyone else and definitely NOT okay with being told what to do (I probably get that from being the youngest of 3 sons).  I like being different and taking the road less traveled.  It’s a part of my reason for being, my WHY, as Simon Sinek would say. The Problem - I was in an industry where I knew a ton, was making a great living and had the most experience.  Despite all this, I felt stuck with no way out. I was constantly grouching about things I thought I had no control over.

The Solution - After 15+ years of complaining and hating, I thought … this is really wearing me down, not to mention my wife, my friends and my kids. What can I do?  I decided to make a serious attitude adjustment and change my circumstances. I launched The Swag Coach™ Program in 2012 and my swag career was reborn.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.