Doing the Parts of Sales that I Love and Handing off the Rest

How great does this sound There?

In a recent post I shared a story about choosing the parts of work/business you love and not just doing the other tasks because I was either good at them or felt I was the only person in my business who could do it- sound familiar?

So here’s the next step – identify the parts you don’t enjoy and figure out a way to hand them off!

I have built my entire swag business and career around the parts of business that I enjoy most (like coaching, relationship-building and business strategy/art of the deal) and that make me the happiest, and have outsourced the parts of the business I simply don’t like, even though a few I am pretty darn good at (like order processing, accounting, inventory management). 

So where has this gotten me you ask…well, aside from the mental anguish I no longer battle on a daily basis, and the enjoyment I get from the work I am doing because it’s the work I WANT to be doing, I am also making 5X more money now vs what “I was great at” and doing back then.

Here’s a quick personal exercise.  Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle of it.  On the left, put the header “Work Things I Love” (to do).  On the right, put the header “Work Things I Hate”.  Take the money component out of it and really be honest with yourself… what really are the things you love?   Are you tracking me?  Like below…


Work Things I LOVE   Work Things I HATE

Art of the Deal    Cold Calling

Coaching & Mentoring   Office Politics

Sales with a Focus on Profit  Waiting to Get Paid on Sales I Have Already Closed

Being “Out” meeting/networking     Stuck at a Desk doing Admin work

Smart Technology Manually having to Do Everything in this business

Getting Referrals    Dealing with Accounting Inquiries

Partnering with Best-in-Class people Dealing with the idiots in our industry

Making $ on Other People's Sales Cash Flow Stresses and losing sleep 

See how easy it is to identify the things in work that make you happy and you enjoy?

Can you claim to be spending at least 75% of your time on these things?  Can you even do that the way your sales job or business is structured?

Why or why not?

So how do you go about incorporating them into your everyday work life, or begin looking for a career/business change that can check those “Love to Do” boxes for you?  I can show you how I did it!