Work Ethic + Customer Service = $ales Growth

Work Ethic + Customer Service = $ales Growth!


I’d like to share a personal story about my son Maxwell who is 12 years old ...

I’m not gonna lie … my boy is motivated by money.  He is one of those people who really likes having money and will work to the bone to earn it, and then save it.   And he has a killer work ethic.

Here’s an example … we live just outside of Washington, DC and as you may have heard/seen in the news, we recently got hammered by “snowmageddon 2016” in the form of 30” of snow.  As we all know, this amount of snow for any kid means snow ball fights, sledding and tons of fun, right?  Of course, just not for my boy …

After being out all day with his friends (presumably having “fun” in the snow), Maxwell comes home and drops $200 cash on the table.  He tells me he and his buddies went door to door getting shoveling jobs, and worked from 10am -5pm shoveling driveways.  I was speechless.  I couldn’t help myself and went in for the big bear hug … what a kid!  What a work ethic!  What an entrepreneur!

What does this have anything to do with starting and owning your own business and selling promotional products you ask?  EVERYTHING!

You see, my son is reminding me that it’s all about the work ethic.  As an entrepreneur peddling the swag, I know that if I want to be competitive, and win sales, I have to work hard.  And “outwork my competition”.  You see, I KNOW if I can outwork my competition, I WILL make sales and grow my business.  Guaranteed!

Not just me, but anyone in my industry.  It’s actually a pretty simple formula for success. 

So below are the top ways I tap into my work ethic to compete, and win, in this business:

10 Ways I Leverage My Work Ethic in the Swag Business:

  1. I am super responsive.
  2. I am proactive – with ideas, samples, deals and solutions.
  3. I anticipate – in order to guarantee my orders deliver on time and the client is thrilled.
  4. I am extremely detail-oriented – I make sure the details for my orders are correct, which makes my client happy and keeps me profitable.
  5. I focus on closing sales – moving the prospective buyer into an approved order.
  6. I use my time wisely – handing off the back office and administrative work and spending time building long-term, meaningful relationships with my clients and prospects and network.
  7. I hook my clients up – with gifts, articles of interest about their industries, free lunches and more.
  8. I am consistent – in my effort, my approach and my work schedule.
  9. I follow through on my commitments to my clients – I do what I say I will do.
  10. I get into a work and sales rhythm that works for me – and helps me be consistent and thrive.

I am always happy to share more on this topic and other tips for crushing it in the swag business. Email me at, to schedule a call to learn more about me and the benefits of The Swag Coach® Program.

Josh Frey