Think You’re a Fit for our Program? Think Again...

Want to get rich quick? Not have to work too hard? Maybe try it out and not fully commit? Well, don’t waste your time (or ours). To be elite and wildly successful in this business it takes hustle, grit and a willingness to work smart. This program is ONLY for people with hustle. Who want to work smart and learn from experienced coaches who do it everyday and are wildly successful. Here’s a litmus test:


  • I am looking for a career
  • I want unlimited income potential
  • I have friendships from my childhood/school
  • My network of family/friends/colleagues is large
  • I am open to learning and trying new things 
  • I am interested in personal growth 
  • I want, and expect, more for myself and my career
  • I can operate alone, as well as collaborate
  • I like mentoring/supporting/helping others
  • I am competitive and appreciate my success
  • I learn from experiencing things first hand
  • I am willing to do whatever to be successful
  • I want to build my income beyond my own efforts
  • I value my time and am happy to pay to outsource
  • I enjoy juggling a lot of things on my plate
  • I want to run my own business but am scared
  • I am open-minded and fairly adaptable
  • Technology intrigues me
  • I am very responsive to my emails/calls/people
  • I like a fast work pace
  • I am open to a new career and industry if guided


  • I am looking for a job
  • I need a steady paycheck and income
  • Most of my friendships are from adulthood
  • My network of family/friends/colleagues is small 
  • I know how this business works
  • I am content with myself and my life
  • I am successful and comfortable
  • I am more of a lone ranger
  • I need to focus on myself and my efforts
  • I am not super competitive
  • I learn from reading and educating myself
  • I only want to do what I want and know to be success
  • I believe my income is based solely on myself 
  • I know if I don’t do it it won’t get done correctly
  • I get frustrated with the details and lose focus
  • I am not interested in owning my own business
  • I know what I like and tend to stick to that
  • Technology scares me 
  • I am fairly responsive to my emails/calls/people 
  • I like a controlled and casual work pace
  • I am looking for a job in an industry I know


Still Think You’re a Fit?