Are You a Self Starter and Looking to Train on Your Own?  Need Some Professional Coaching & Training to Help Fast Track Things?   

Well look no further!  Designed by a 20 year industry veteran and entrepreneur who started his own business at 22 yrs old, our TRAINING CAMP program teaches and gives you everything you need to start, launch and grow your own promotional products company.  Without any sales, industry or business experience!  Here’s how we do it:

We help you along by teaching you the very same "best sales practices" we do to build a multi-million dollar swag biz.

Train at your Own Pace with our online 11 Module Training Course featuring:

  • Aligning Your Values with Your Business — Start your business off by matching it to your personal interests and values.  Create a business that "speaks" to you.  We show you how.

  • Understanding How to Make Great Money in the Swag Biz — the promo business is about knowing the best practices to source great products for your buyers and make a profit at the same time.  We show you how to create a win-win game plan.

  • Learn about The Products and the Suppliers — learn about the best factories and suppliers in our industry and who carries which products.  Understand the importance of working with trusted, vetted suppliers who can deliver the right product, customized, on time.

  • Learn How to Price out Projects Strategically to WIN More Business — we teach you how to sell strategically ... sometimes that's price, sometimes that's understanding the buyer, sometimes that's understanding the opportunity.  Having a sales and pricing strategy is critical to succeeding in the swag industry and we break this down in our training.

  • Discover Your Million Dollar Niche and Separate Yourself from the Competition   — if you want to make great money in this industry you HAVE to separate yourself from the competition.  Targeting a niche market and specific type of buyer is the #1 way to do this.  We teach you a step by step approach.

  • Draft a Sales & Action Plan for your Swag Biz — Want to start your own swag biz but don't know where to begin?  Well it starts with a plan and action steps for launching and growing your own business.  We share proven best approaches to making that happen.

  • Learn How to Set Goals and Launch Your Business to Your Network — Setting goals and then executing a plan to reach these goals is sometimes overwhelming.  We break down this process so you know what to do, and who to contact, from Day 1 of starting your business.

  • Learn What to Say and How to WIN Business from New Clients & Prospects — knowing what to say to open doors, and close sales may not come naturally to you but it does to us.  We even have a "What to Say Resource Guide" included in the bonus training materials because we understand this is critical getting a business up and going.

  • Learn Best Practices for SCALING Your Swag Biz — focusing on revenue generating activities, selling corporate programs and getting repeat clients and orders are some of the ways we teach you how to scale and grow a swag biz fast.

  • Learn How to Set Up Systems to Stay Organized and Sell More Efficiently — we provide tools and systems for you to set up, then run your business.  While we outsource the order processing and accounting pieces, there are still organization systems we put in place for you to help you stay organized and focused. Sales tools, filing tools and much more.

  • NEW Material including recorded Coaching Calls & Best Sales Practice Sharing — we are ALWAYS adding new Training Materials to this curriculum - recorded coaching calls, recorded webinars and videos on best sales practices and more, added every week/month to this very training program.

  • FaceBook Live Coaching Calls — every week we come together as a community and we answer those pressing questions and needs to help you grow your business faster, and have more fun doing it. This is exclusive access available only to Swag Coach members.

  • Community — we want you to know each other and collaborate. We organize virtual and in person meet ups at industry trade shows, and provide continuing education sessions with our team so we can all continue to learn and grow. We also provide additional resources to our members including monthly newsletters, proposals reference library and much more. You may be an independent business owner with us but you are by no means alone. And we have fun together!   

Fees - $500

Our program fees include all online training and access to group coaching calls.   Here's the link to the complete Training Camp Syllabus & Sign Up: