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Seminar: Grow your business & raise your children: How to be a successful Mompreneur with the Swag Coach Program!

Where: Sign up here and you will be sent a dial-in number

In this 30 minute teleconference, the Swag Coach Josh Frey explains what his successful Swag Coach Rookie Program is about and how mompreneurs on his team are building successful businesses, on their own schedules.

As a SPECIAL INCENTIVE, anyone who signs up and simply attends the 30 minute call will receive a $2,500 discount off the training and start up fees (should they ultimately join our program). In addition, if you tell a Friend to join us for this FREE call and they end up participating in our program, we will send you a referral check of $500.

How can I successfully start my own business? How can I grow my income while balancing my career and my family?

The Swag Coach will answer these questions and many more during this information-packed call. He will also share a few success stories on fellow Mompreneurs he has personally trained and coached over the years, several of whom have go on to sell in excess of $400,000 crushing industry averages.