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Conference Call: Pump Up Your Profits

Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever Selling Promos!

Make More Moolah from each Sale!

(It's not about the top line sale ... it's about the bottom line profit.  And a focus on the margins,)

We all know you make money in this business, or in any business, by focusing on the bottom line ... the profits!  Easier said than done, right?

Profits in the promo business come down to one thing ... gross profit margins.  So how do you get these margins higher?  Hop on this call to find out how we do it.

In this 30 minute call Josh will discuss the very same best practices he uses for increasing his own sales margins.  

Steps you can easily implement in your own sales efforts to help you make more money!

During this Call we will help you:  

  • Learn tips for Increasing Your Gross Profit Margins.

  • Become a Promo Negotiator.

  • Make More Money on each Sale.

How is this possible?

We will discuss the very same best sales practices and techniques that Josh uses every day in both selling promotional products, and in coaching his Swag Coach team (www.TheSwagCoach).

Josh has learned the right way, and the wrong way, to think about his sales. His company has been through 9/11, two down economies, the .com boom, downsizing, right-sizing, and partnerships. He's also been the subject of a Harvard Business School Case Study, headed up and been on the boards of major entrepreneurship groups for both associations and government, he and his team have won multiple industry awards for sales volume, and he's been featured in the Washington Post, Inc. Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

Josh will share his learnings with us in a roll your sleeves up, quick, hard-hitting session.