“When I started out I wish I would have had someone to hold my hand and show me the ropes like we do for the Swag Coach™ Program. . . then it wouldn’t have taken me 20 years to figure out this business!”

A Swag Coach’s Story

Hi!  My name is Josh Frey and I have been selling swag for more than 20 years.  A few years back I felt the need for something more than just being a sales person.  I wanted to impact peoples’ lives, spawn entrepreneurs, and coach other people so they didn’t have to make the same mistakes I made.  

Teach other people about the $22B promo industry, train them to be professionals, and coach them on cutting edge sales strategies to crush their sales and income.

I was tired of my income being solely based on what I hunted and killed.  AND I wanted to "pay it forward" and teach others the steps I took in building a multi-million dollar promo business.   

SO, in 2012 I decided to change the way I went about business. Here’s how I did it:

  1.  I recruited new blood into this industry (newbies, or “Rookies” as we now refer to them)
  2.  Taught them my best practices for selling volume, profitably.
  3.  Gave them the tools, technology, coaching and leads needed to insure their success. 

It wasn’t easy, and definitely took some time to perfect, but now I have all of the pieces in place to share this model with others interest in starting their own businesses in this industry.    

I am a front line sales guy who has coached and helped new and  2nd career seekers launch their very own swag businesses ... without any sales, industry or business experience.

How?  By simply teaching the very same best sales and business practices I use to support my own family and lifestyle.

Thanks for checking us out!

Josh Frey aka The Swag Coach™  

Our Beliefs

We Believe in the Power of Coaching and Mentoring 

We have 20+ years of lessons learned and experience to share.  And we have a thirst for learning which keeps us humble, open to new ideas and always working on improving ourselves and our businesses. We are not consultants.  We are front line sales pros who learn from our own front line sales efforts and continually incorporate these lessons back into the coaching and mentoring we do with our team. Experiential coaching.

We Believe in Collaboration and the Sharing of Best Practices

Supporting one another through group coaching calls.  Sharing tips and tricks to help us each grow our respective businesses. Learning from our peers. We are not too proud to say we don't know it all and are open to learning from one another, regardless of whether a teammate has been in the business for 20 years or 20 days.

We Believe in Professionalism

We focus on training up our teammates so we know they can compete with anyone in the business, from newbies to lifers, from large companies to smaller competitors. Training and experience are key and core to our success. The Swag Coach™ Program uses an eleven-module training course, co-developed by a Harvard Business School graduate and award-winning curriculum developer, to teach aspiring small business owners the very same best practices that our Founder, Josh Frey, uses everyday with his own clients while running his own business. From learning about the products and suppliers to building long-term client relationships and processes for selling strategically and profitably.

We Believe in the Entrepreneurial Spirit

In a time when so many Americans are underemployed — working beneath their skill and pay grade — and job security is at an all time low — taking the leap of faith from employee to entrepreneur is not as big of a jump as it once used to be (especially since we hold your hand every step of the way, from training to launching to ongoing coaching). Entrepreneurs founded our country and are the ones that will always lead it, both in bad times and in good times.

We Believe in Building Long Term, Meaningful Relationships

Our clients have worked with us for decades. We have lifelong business and personal relationships that grow older as we grow older. We are all about building long-term, meaning relationships in our lives. Relationships built on caring, loyalty, and respect. Both professionally and personally. And it’s these relationships that are the single-most import piece of our success. In business and in life...  including our clients, our teammates, our friends and our families.

We Believe in the Promotional Products Industry as the Perfect Lifestyle Business

The best part of being an entrepreneur is controlling your own schedule, and having no cap on your income. You make as much money as you want, and can spend as much time working on your business as you wish. This is why the promotional products business is the perfect industry to spawn entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the freedom and control of owning their own business, and still have the flexibility to enjoy life outside of work, with family and with loved ones.