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April 2016

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December 2015

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Advantages Magazine

March 2015


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Title: Five Minutes with 2014 Proforma Innovator of the Year Award Winner… Josh Frey

I decided to join Proforma Albrecht & Co… in 2009, after determining I wanted to outsource the back office work and focus more on growing my sales. It is a great fit, as the vision and objectives Fred Albrecht has for his business align with my own. He is always willing to listen to my ideas and share his experiences with me, which has been crucial in helping to build my business.

To help manage one of my major accounts I have used… the Support Center’s 12-Month Marketing Plan. For my company stores, I’m responsible for marketing their internal and external programs, and their eCommerce store. They rely on me to drive the marketing strategy and develop relevant promotions. The 12-Month Marketing Plan has helped structure those promotions and determine how I’m going to deliver them, who I want to target and when they will be scheduled.

My clients view me as a valuable knowledge source because I make it a point to understand their business’s positioning and ‘speak their language.’ I know how their departments function and have learned their processes. For any major account you manage, you need to become more of a consultative resource who understands the company’s mission and goals, and has the solutions that best fit their messaging and will help them to be profitable.

Overall, my strategies for business growth… have included a strong emphasis on both technology and networking. I developed proprietary technology that allows my clients to easily identify solutions online that are within their budgets and best meet their project needs. Utilizing technology has helped free up my time to become the salesperson I’ve always wanted to be, with more of a focus on building relationships and offering the best customer service possible.

Networking has been a great way to connect with new people, and I’ve earned a lot of referral business by doing this. It’s important though to consider HOW you network. I encourage networking through volunteering at your child’s school, or lending a hand at a community event.

To celebrate 20 years of being an entrepreneur, I… took a one-month sabbatical and traveled to California with my family. I shut off my email and told clients in advance who to contact while I was gone. This break allowed me to slow down and appreciate the success I have had. It was also a spectacular energy boost, and I’m back reenergized and ready to further grow and close sales in my pipeline. 

My advice to others who want to achieve the next level of success is… stay focused on your work and have discipline. There is great value in getting into a rhythm and a routine, so make sure you remain organized and aware of your customers’ needs. Along with that, be proactive with your client relationships. Look for solutions that benefit your clients and share your ideas with them. Clients appreciate partners who are always looking out for their best interests. 

The Wall Street Journal

May 21, 2012